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Each planning of releasing new product inevitably accompanied by the passing of various rumors. It is a natural thing that makes the release date become full of curiosity. That’s now happening before the launch of the upcoming Nintendo NX. There are a lot of rumors circulating about Nintendo NX. The rumors continue to hustle around Nintendo NX-announced NX gaming platform. Here we have summarized the biggest, most mysterious and super fascinating rumors.

Nintendo NX software rumors

Nintendo NX software rumors derived from Emily Rogers. Rogers said that instead of focusing our attention on hardware, we should really be having discussion about NX’s software. Rogers is confident that the Nintendo NX software output will blow away the Wii U’s software output. Below are some details from Rogers:

1. The big fundamental focal point (and overall goal) behind NX is to vastly increase the software output from Nintendo’s first party teams and studios.

2. To accomplish this, the entire process of how Nintendo develops and produces software has gone through radical changes.

3. There is a new strategy that was put in place to create and release first party software at a faster rate.

4. Multiple unannounced Wii U projects were moved over to NX.

5. The NX could potentially see the highest output of first party software in the company’s history. (I’m talking about the entire lifespan of NX. Not just one or two years.)

Handheld Console

Right, there’s a rumor mentioning about the Handheld Console. There’s no official word yet from Nintendo confirming about this rumor, but some sources have confirmed that the NX console will be hand-held. The rumor also mentions about the sides of the hand-held unit are detachable; which can be used by one person for single player, and detached and used individually for split-screen multiplayer.

Mass Production rumors

The rumors mention that Nintendo NX is scheduled to enter mass production in early 2017, it is about half a year from the original plan of the company for mass production in the mid-2016. Some sources said that the delay because of Nintendo wished to improve the game console’s video-game/handheld-game-integrated gaming experience and add virtual reality function into the system. This is to obtain advantages in the upcoming video game and mobile game competition.

Details rumors

The rumors about the Nintendo NX details mentions about several points. Those are the possible details of the upcoming Nintendo:
1. There is a possibility to be free online service
2. There’s an issue about a subscription option that includes more features for a yearly/monthly fee.
3. There’d be a question related to backwards compatibility digital purchases, and support for previously-owned digital and physical media.
4. A game based on subscription service that allows access to a library of over 150 titles that are changed regularly, and about 6 to 18 months after their release there’d add new games to the catalogue.
4K/60 FPS streaming

Nintendo NX supposed to include a mention of 4K/60 FPS streaming capability. The rumors also mention about some possibilities below:
1. Features of Exclusive game franchises including Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and more which are Nintendo legendary games ever.
2. Features of Nintendo network
3. Features of Nintendo for gameplay flows between Nintendo NX console and Nintendo NX handheld device
4. Possibility of Web surfing and phone calls via television
5. 4K/60 FPS streaming
6. 900p/60fps
7. Contain of NX console, sensor bar, HDMI cable, and game controller in the box.

That’s all the biggest rumors we heard from many sources. As we said before that those are rumors. We can’t guarantee the truth of the statement related to what the upcoming Nintendo NX really looks like.