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iPhone 7 Reviews And Rumors

Various leaks about the iPhone 7 continues to flow in the virtual domain. This time it was the information about the battery and the device body material that appears. At the end of last month had appeared leaked information that the iPhone 7 will have a body with a ceramic material. This time the same information reappears.

In addition, a photograph shows a battery that will be used to support the iPhone 7. In the photograph there is a description of 7.04 Whr battery capacity. Capacity is 6.5 percent higher than the iPhone 6s. This is not the first leaks about the iPhone 7 burst. Previously, the outstanding figure showing a rear shell 7. The shell of the iPhone has a sleek design that is totally innocent like iPhone 4 / 4s.

Despite various information continues to circulate, the Apple until now did not leave a comment. Companies from the United States (US), it is known to maintain secrecy, especially about the newest products.