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Wireless Printer AirPrint

AirPrint is Apple’s technology that allows you to wirelessly print directly from your Apple devices such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, and also iPod touch. Just like the other wireless printing, all devices on the same network can directly print without wires, without cables. In the past few years, when the first time this AirPrint technology was included in Apple devise, the compatible printer which is support this tech is mostly HP printers. But that was in the past, now there are a bunch of manufacturers provide numerous compatible printers which are support with this tech. AirPrint is built into Apple iOS operating system, which means that any devices using iOS has the ability to print directly with no wires and no cables to compatible printer without installing special software or app. It is very easy and simple, isn’t it? 

The available compatible printers on the market which are support with AirPrint are having different specifications. Therefore, you need to really read the features carefully to know what are there in a printer product to find the one which suits what you need. No worries about the brands because there are many options such as Brother, Canon, Dell, Hp, Lexmark, Fuji/Xerox, Ricoh, and Samsung, they are AirPrint-compatible. AirPrint printing functionality in iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is the same. No need of special app, you just need to initiate a print command from your iOS device, then if you have more than one AirPrint-compatible printers on your Wi-Fi network, you just need to choose any printer you want then proceed the printing process. It is really this simple. AirPrint allows you to print several kinds of documents like Photos, Safari, Mail, iPhoto. You can also print other email clients, office documents, and many third-party apps from your iOS device. 

Actually there are several other ways to print any document from Apple devices without AirPrint, but of course this tech offers the simples ways of all. When you apply the other ways, you’ll need to download and install certain special applications and drivers. And of course it is not as simple as AirPrint, isn’t it? AirPrint gives opportunity to make life simpler when it comes to wireless printing for the Apple and printer users. Printing any document becomes so much simpler, where you can place the printer anywhere you want without a need to next to the devices with no wires and cables.  Read other tutorial here.